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Can non-Turkish Cypriots work in North Cyprus ?
Non-Turkish Cypriots are allowed to work in North Cyprus but as in most countries, work permits are usually only issued to 'foreigners' for vacancies that have already been advertised/offered to 'local' Turkish Cypriots and haven't been filled. So, if you are non-Turkish Cypriot and are hoping to work in North Cyprus, unless you have special qualifications, experience, or skills that are not prevalent in the Turkish Cypriot work force, expect to see competition for advertised vacancies. Having said that, certain vacancies may be more suited to candidates with particular qualities that may not be so prevalent amongst the Turkish Cypriot workforce - a position for a property sales negotiator for example, may be more suited to a person who speaks Russian, or Norwegian etc., especially if the job involves selling property to Russian, or Norwegian customers. Further, with rapid growth in the education sector, another good example to illustrate this point are positions that are only suitable to qualified English Teachers, or teaching positions which require that the syllabus is taught in English. There may also be unfilled vacancies for job positions which Turkish Cypriots may not want to take and which can't be filled - within property management companies (cleaners), building companies (labourers) and the hotel, catering and entertainment industry (waiters,
waitresses and bar staff). The reality of the situation is that if you are determined to find work and willing to compromise, finding a job and working in North Cyprus is reasonably easy. Here are some points for potential workers to consider before committing to living in North Cyprus (if this relies upon finding a job and working).
Consider the following points if moving to and living in North Cyprus depends upon you being able to find work
The level of remuneration is almost certainly not going to be what you are expecting it to be. In North Cyprus, there is a national minimum wage. The minimum amount that an employer is allowed to pay an employee. This amount is set by the Government and is currently 2,150 TL per month which is approximately £408 Sterling (at today's exchange rate). For this amount, depending upon the type and quality of job, you may be expected to work 10 hours per day, 6 days a week. On top of this amount, the employer must also pay your taxes, social insurance and provident fund payments.
Before you begin working for an employer, an amount between €400 and €1,000 must be paid into a bank account and blocked. The amount to be paid in and blocked depends upon the nationality of the applicant. This, in effect, is to cover any outstanding sum that may be owed to the Government, should you suddenly stop working and leave Cyprus. Really, it is the employers responsibility to pay this amount on your behalf and make the arrangements to have it blocked in a bank account, but depending upon the circumstances in which your are employed and the terms of the agreement that you have with your employer, this amount may have to be deposited by you. In this situation, in the event that you do have to suddenly leave, or your employment with the employer ceases (for whatever reason), it is unlikely that you will get your money back, so beware !
To obtain a work permit, both the employer and the employee must complete the work permit application process.
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