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Why are so many Northern Europeans retiring to North Cyprus ?
Does the cold, damp and rainy weather in the UK bother you ? Do you frequently suffer aches, pains, coughs and colds ? Do soaring crime rates and anti-social behaviour make you worry about your safety and security ? Do you feel safe in your own home ? Looking for a better, more relaxed way of life ?
All good reasons to consider a move to North Cyprus and if you do decide to take the plunge, with thousands of like-minded, middle-aged, British Expatriates waiting to meet and greet you, you'll be in good company.
Are you considering doing what many British Expatriate people have already decided to do ? Retire to a Mediterranean Island to enjoy a better, more relaxed way of life.
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With many potential destinations - why choose to retire to North Cyprus ?
Aphrodite's reputed Island of Love, nestling in the gentle waters of the Eastern Mediterranean (Aegean) Sea, has long been favoured as a sunny idyll by retiring Northern Europeans; those seeking to escape uncertain or disappointingly cold climate patterns.
Whatever happened to the threats of Global Warming? OK, we are perhaps alarmed at what we read, see or hear about the shrinking polar ice caps and the threats to wild life (especially polar bears), but the winters, in the UK for example, seem to be cooling down, rather than warming up !
Is this why north Europeans are retiring to Cyprus ?... and why not ? With a guaranteed 300 + days of sunshine each year, there is no need to suffer the ravages of a northern hemisphere winter, when the Levantine hot-spot of Cyprus beckons.
But as retired folk, will we be able to afford to live in Cyprus on a pension; and still be able to fly back north to see the family, as we and they would wish ?
It would be wrong to offer an unqualified Yes ! However, there is a simple answer to that
understandable enquiry; and the answer starts with a question! Can you afford to live in the UK, Scandinavia, Finland, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland; Russia or any of the other central European countries with land-locked cooler climates ? Should your answer be in the affirmative, then retiring to Cyprus will not be a problem at all !
For example; your Cyprus property will only need to be heated for perhaps six to eight weeks per year. That will be a big money saver, although some find comfort from air-conditioning during the hot summers; yet most retirees find the need to spend money on cooling systems diminishes over time. The hot summers prove to be a significant aid to aging limbs and bones.
Shopping in the main town centres of North Cyprus is a real pleasure; not only can you find almost everything you will need - international and local brands offer good alternatives for most shopping lists in the markets, at very favourable prices. Moreover, you will find that the fashion industry closely follows international trends; indeed some commentators report that the fashion conscious Cypriots lead rather follow what's in vogue at any one time. And once you compare prices with your hometown Mall, you'll wonder what kept you away.
Most find that dining out, or just popping in to a bar for a couple of 'snifters' is another good reason for retiring to North Cyprus. Let's deal with the booze first. Currently, depending on the style of outlet you choose, a pint of ale or lager type beer will set you back c. TL10 (equal £2.00), same for a good glass of good quality wine, a local spirit mixer (ice & lemon of course) is often as much as TL15 (£3.00) - a bit different to your local on the village green, or the pub down the High Street, eh ?
What about the menu ? Cypriot and European cuisine is available everywhere in North Cyprus & prices are most affordable; c. TL100 (£20.00) will buy you an excellent kebab style dinner or a traditional Sunday roast, both for two with wine. You will also find a wide choice of oriental style restaurants - Chinese, Thai, Japanese Sushi and Indian eateries are very popular. Some of the 'high end' restaurants, places that are suitable for that special occasion, can be a bit 'pricey'. On the other hand, there are some great offers to be had in the some of the luxury hotels; for example, the Lord's Palace, on the road down to the new port in Kyrenia, is currently offering a sumptuous 'serve yourself - all you can eat & drink evening buffet' at TL70 (c. £14.00) per person.
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