North Cyprus Property Buying Overview

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The Buyer can do a few simple things to minimize the risks involved in the North Cyprus property buying process
Buying a property anywhere is a risky business. Admittedly, with well established buying systems and protocols, there is less risk in the UK and other European Countries (perhaps) where the buyer is less likely to experience problems - there are exceptions.
The same safeguards are not built into the North Cyprus property buying process - as a result, the 'system' doesn't offer the same protection to the property buyer as it does for example, in the UK and therefore, buyers have to make sure that they are careful and protect themselves.
This doesn't mean however, with a little common sense, that the purchaser cannot get what they want with few, if any problems, or difficulties.
North Cyprus Purchase Contract
Buying a Resale Property in North Cyprus versus buying a property Off-Plan
In buying a resale property in North Cyprus, you have a distinct advantage over buying off-plan in that you can actually see what you are getting at the outset, before you agree to buy. You don't have to worry about any build quality issues in the same way that an off-plan property buyer has to worry. Having said that, this doesn't mean that the buyer can be any less cautious in the way that they approach the North Cyprus property buying process.
Asking the right questions is of paramount importance, for example: How long has the Vendor owned, or lived in the property ? Why have they decided to sell the property ? Are they staying in North Cyprus, or leaving ? Who was the builder of the property ? Did they experience any difficulties during the build process ? Do they have the Kocan for the property ? Has the land been parcelized ? All pertinent questions, the answers to which you would expect to be included in the property buying pack. Nevertheless, you should ask these and many other questions, and satisfy yourself that the answers that you receive are factually correct. Do not rely on the word of the Vendor, Estate Agent, or even your legal representative, ask to see documentary proof.
A Guide for Overseas Buyers (British Expatriates and Foreigners)
Important points for you to consider before you become engaged in the North Cyprus property buying process
Buying Property in North Cyprus - an overview
The reason that we offer you the information on our web site is to make you aware of the possible pitfalls and problems that you 'may' experience if you do not observe a few simple property buyer do's and don'ts. Please don't let this put you off purchasing your dream home in the sun and stop you from enjoying your retirement on this beautiful island. If this is what happens, we are doing you a disservice. You will be missing out on enjoying what thousands of other British Expatriate property buyers are already enjoying. Follow a few simple rules and you, like many other British Expatriate property buyers before you, can begin to enjoy everything that the beautiful island of Cyprus has to offer !
Secondly, please don't think that the majority of the property buying problems and pitfalls that we highlight on our website are uniquely experienced by purchasers of property in North Cyprus because they are not. British Expatriates buying property in any jurisdiction other than their own, face problems that are unique to foreign buyers of property.
There's no doubt that hundreds/thousands (we don't have exact figures) of British Expatriate and Foreign property buyers have purchased property in North Cyprus and that throughout the buying process, they experienced few, if any problems. Unsatisfactorily however, some property buyers 'have' experienced problems and may not be absolutely happy with the build quality of their property, and/or may not feel that they were adequately protected by the property buying process in North Cyprus and although they may say that ultimately, they are happy with their purchase, they may also add, if they could turn back the clock, that they would do things differently. Conversely, there are some North Cyprus property buyers who, because of the problems that they experienced, believe that buying a property in North Cyprus was completely and utterly the wrong thing for them to do.
Think about it ! You are enjoying a relaxing North Cyprus holiday, everything seems to be and probably is idyllic. Weather, Scenery, Hotel, Restaurants, Entertainment, Hospitality - all perfect ! "What a fantastic holiday in a beautiful place. Whilst we are here, let's look at some property" - STOP !
Whether you are thinking about buying a property as an investment, or a holiday home, or wondering whether North Cyprus is the place that you would like to buy a property to live permanently, or retire to, the advice is the same. Before you begin to view property and if not, before you initiate the property buying process, acknowledge, as a 'visitor', that you probably do not have the intimate knowledge required to be able to make an informed decision and that in a very competitve industry in which the Vendor desperately wants your money, as does the Estate Agent, the Solicitor and the Government, it is probably best to proceed slowly and with extreme caution.
When buying a property in North Cyprus, 'local' knowledge is key - there are so many important things to consider: Area, Type of Property, Availability of Services, Builder, Type of Deed - to name but a few. Rushing headlong into a property purchase without carefully considering these and many other important points is asking for trouble.
Obtaining the 'local' knowledge that will help you to choose the right property in the best area is not an easy thing to do. Where do you go ? Who do you ask ? Your first port of call will probably be the Estate Agent and this is where you can obtain the information that you need, but not as you may think, from the Estate Agent. The best thing to do is to make some appointments to look at Resale Property and when you go along to look, speak to the owners of the property who 'should' be more than willing to answer your questions. The property that you look at may not be to your liking, but looking at it gives you the opportunity to speak to the owner(s) who presumably, having already gone through the property buying process, will be able and more than willing to offer you their advice.
Acknowledging that there is a risk to buying a property in North Cyprus is the first part of the buying process, but what can the property buyer do, or not do, to minimize the risk and to stop things going wrong with, or during the property buying process ?
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