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To help you complete the form with the correct information, the "example for reference" (below) is included on this page to show you how your completed, free property listing advertisement will look on our web site.
Example for Reference
Free property listing submission form
Item 1 - Personal Details
Your personal details are not used in your free property listing.
Item 2 - Property Description
Three Bedroom Villa, Garage and Pool
The title that best describes your property
Item 3 - Property Price
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The price that you are asking for the property
Item 4 - Property Picture
UK TV Systems in Cyprus
Select the picture that you would like to be included in your property listing. The picture should be in the .jpg graphics format. Don't worry if you cannot crop your picture to the actual size required which is width 276 pixels x height 207 pixels - we will do it for you.
Item 5 - Owner, or Agent ?
For Sale by Owner
For Sale with, or without an agent
Item 6 - Property's Main Features (Descriptive Text)
Maximum 80 words eg. Spacious family home with.....
Item 7 - Property' Specifications
Property Specifications
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Adding a "More Details" page to your 'free' property listing brings a number of benefits.
The vast majority of potential house purchasers begin their property search online where there are thousands/millions of property listings all competing for their attention.
As they compile their short list of candidates for viewing, they will often dismiss a property as unsuitable based only on how the property looks in the pictures.
Whether, as they scan through all the available pictures, they notice your property, depends on the quality of the pictures and whether they are 'well' presented.
Good pictures don't just happen, they are a result of careful planning, staging, lighting and framing. Mounting a camera on a tripod, correctly positioning the view finder and snapping a picture is a relatively simple thing to do, but capturing the perfect picture requires a considerable amount of planning and organisation.
Having made the decision to sell your property, there will no doubt, be quite a few jobs for you to do to bring it up to the standard that impresses potential buyers.
On top of this, there is a considerable amount of work to do before any pictures can be taken. The house and garden may need tidying and the rooms decluttering in preparation.
We should be able to produce some good pictures that show your property in its best light, but not first, without considerable effort on your part.
Using the pictures, we will produce a professional, animated slide show, set to music and publish this, along with the description of your property, on your 'own' page on our web site.
The unique way that we present the pictures of your property entices the potential purchaser and greatly increases the likelihood of them contacting you, or your estate agent, to make arrangements to view and hopefully, to purchase your property.
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